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The Forest is on fire, control a fire fighting helicopter and do your best to put out the flames. In this high-score based game.

This game was made as a submission for the Mini Jam 36 themed Nature.

At first I wanted to make the game fully coloured, I also wanted to make the trees fade as their hp got low. My ideas lived in harmony, then the limitation attacked.

The game's art has only 3 colours as a limitation by the jam. The colours I used were inspired by the classic GameBoy colour palette.

The game was not made with any particular forest in mind.

If you find any bugs or have any kind of feedback either post it in the comments or tweet me @MohammedShwarib. all feedback is welcome.

Install instructions

You only need a program that can open .zip files.


Save the forest1.1.1.zip 2 MB

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